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Debt Collection Agencies Not Helping Borrowers: Are Personal Debt Repayments Set Too High?

Excessive, unmanageable personal debts have resulted in a growing demand for Debt Management Plans. The Times recently stated that 700,000 consumers had already turned to debt repayment plans where a lower repayment is made based on affordability. Struggling borrowers are now complaining that debt collection agencies are failing to co-operate and placing them under undue […]

Who is an IVA Most Appropriate For? Individual Voluntary Arrangements – A Debt Solution for Serious Debt

With spiraling levels of personal debt in the UK, it isn’t surprising that the Individual Voluntary Arrangement, also known as the IVA, has grown in popularity as a debt solution. It provides the most viable alternative to personal bankruptcy for dealing with serious debts. What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement? Provided that 75% of creditors, […]

Hardship Grants Provide You with Fast Cash: Free Government Funding for Those in Need

From time to time, individuals experience things in their lives that leave them wondering where to turn for help. Hardship grants provide financial assistance for individuals who really need it – whether because of a natural disaster, illness or medical condition, loss of work or something else. By understanding how hardship grants work and how […]

The Four Golden Rules to Managing Debt: Beating Debt Before it Spirals out of Control

Debt can creep up unawares and cause a lot of misery. What begins as a small personal loan can get bigger until it spirals out of control. Following four simple steps can help resolve the problem. 1: Claim all Benefits It is surprising how many people do not receive all the money which they are […]