4 Surefire Ways to Go Bankrupt


Think you’ve got it all together? Well, so did many people who are sitting in a lawyer’s office at this very moment. They’ve got their bankruptcy papers in hand, and they are ready to file. Their thoughts? “I never thought this would happen. I did everything right. I don’t know where I went wrong. Mama told me not to marry him. Daddy told me never to get a credit card.” And so on and so forth.

That little thought dialogue there encompasses just some of the reasons why people go bankrupt. But you might go bankrupt for reasons that are less obvious. Again, I ask do you think you have it all together? Read on to find out why you just might want to think again.

You’re married.

You’re married and you’re happy, but watch out. Many marriages that turned into divorces put people in a bankruptcy lawyer’s office. If you’re a stay home mom, have a little bit of savings stashed aside. Either that or make sure you work on loving your husband every single second of the day so your marriage can stay strong.

You don’t believe that things happen.

Let’s face it. This is life. I’m just learning this myself. I came from a family who made me feel like I was always protected, and I went to a cushy college that I didn’t have to pay a dime for (at the time). I got out of school and let’s just say I got a little reality check. In life things happen.

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