A Loud Obtrusive Knock

A Loud Obtrusive Knock

A loud obtrusive knock at the door rang through the small Mid Town studio apartment. An overworked and under appreciated young man lay in his bed pretending to not hear the obvious call for his attention.


“Why can’t they just go away”, he muffled into his pillow as he began to roll over and collect his thoughts.

Benjamin Blaire was a well rounded and studious entrepreneur. He had dabbled in many lucrative opportunities in his short time and has recently come up short in an attempt to fill his pockets. During his most recent efforts to get rich Benjamin sought out many investors to help get the project off the ground.

His idea was not a very unique one. His idea was not an original one. His idea was more like a sure and prooven one. His idea was to open up a liquor store in the middle of Manhattan New York. What could go wrong? He had all required permits and paperwork filled out and approved by the local authorities and city hall. He worked relentlessly all hours of the day and night consulting other liquor store owners and convincing investors to have a little faith.

After hardly any time, faith was granted and the new, “Luxury Liquors” was sure to seamlessly open its doors.


Benjamin slowly and quietly buttoned his shirt and got dressed trying to make as little noise as possible. He could not believe the situation he put himself in this time. The investors were furious that the store has not opened. Ben grabbed his suitcase, his empty wallet, his keys and his overly expensive Prada sunglasses and opened the window.

He would have normally faced the investors upfront and gotten it over with. He has failed before but nothing he has ever started has ended so abruptly due to his own faults.

As Ben pried the old window open he began to climb onto the fire escape. Flashbacks to the one horrible night at the casino began playing in the back of his head. If he had only pulled out while he was slightly ahead he would not be in this mess whatsoever. A gambling addiction, an alcohol addiction, and a beautiful tall blond wearing hardly anything clinging to his side provided all the ingredients for a mishap that could have easily been avoided.

The night at the New England Casino started off well and fortunate. The odds seemed to be in Ben Blaire’s favor. He would win a little, then lose a little and then double his bets and win everything back plus some extra. Then the drinks started rolling. Then the attention of a beautiful woman who was way out of Ben’s league began to cloud his head with thoughts not appropriate of this story. Drunk as could be he tapped into his casino credit. Drunker than drunk he tapped into the blond in a comp-ed hotel room cheating on his girlfriend of two years.

Ben proceeded to block the thoughts of the past and continue onto the fire escape. He lowered the metal ladder and swung around starting to descend from his third floor apartment exteriorly. One level down and another flashback to the casino.

“Are you sure you can repay these monies Mr. Blaire?”, a financial analyst from the casino loans department asked Ben.

“Of course I can, I am Ben Blaire”, he proudly announced as he signed the dotted line.

At this time Ben has finally reached the second floor fire escape landing. He lit a previously clipped cigarette and started on downward. Having both feet on the rusty old ladder Ben was only a short distance from the freedom of the sidewalk. His palms were sweaty, his stomach was growling and his cell phone was vibrating in his pocket.

“Hey Vinny! Look who it is!”, a loud raspy voice yelled from the ground below.

Immediately Ben tried to switch his briefcase from one sweaty hand to the other. His heart was pounding through his chest.

“Lets get him”, another voice rang through the air.

Ben’s only move was up. He started to climb but his wooden soles slipped and his one totally free hand failed him. The early morning air was Ben’s expressway to the ground. Two goons were positioned perfectly under the fire escape waiting Ben’s speedy arrival. A loud crash and a strange woman’s scream from across the avenue followed. Ben had miraculously landed directly on the men standing under the fire escape. Everybody lay motionless. Everybody seemed to be lifeless. Everybody got the rest of the day off.

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