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How To Build An Emergency Fund: Saving and Making Money to Survive Economic Hardship and Job Loss

An emergency fund is money put aside for the worst case scenario such as job loss, major repairs or medical bills. How much money should be in an emergency fund? This varies according to a family’s risk tolerance and expenses. Some people might be comfortable with $1000, while others might want a year’s worth of […]

How to be Financially Secure: What Every Family Should Know about Financial Security

Every family dreams of being financially secure. It means gaining the freedom to live without worrying about job cuts, redundancies or salary reductions. As bleak as it seems now, it is possible to build financial security. According to Australian financial expert and author of The Seven Ages of Money (Choice Books), Tim Blue, financial security […]

Mortgage Insurance – Useful Tips Before Buying: Help for Buyers of Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance or MPPI

The following is a guest post from Houston, Texas real estate developer and entrepreneur Tracy Suttles. Mortgage insurance or MPPI normally pays out after a period of 30 to 60 days, thus ensuring that mortgage payments can be made. Mortgage income protection insurance helps prevent debt problems and can stop repossession. Trawl the Market for […]

IRS Tax Debt Settlement Help: How to Deal with Unpaid Taxes

Although it can be an isolating feeling, many Americans are in need of IRS tax debt settlement help every year. Unpaid taxes are similar to student loan debt in the sense that they cannot be negotiated with a debt relief program. However, the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) provides different methods to help individuals who are […]

Receiving a Check Marked Full & Final Payment: Businesses Struggle Because Customers Do Not Pay in Full on Time

A partial payment in full and final settlement is frequently used to settle debts with the written agreement of the creditor, in which case it is legally binding. When a customer is late in making payment this can affect cash flow and can have consequences for the survival of a small business. If a cheque […]

Wall Street Bonuses — A Reality Check: Executive Compensation is More than Just Rewarding Ability

Is the employee or the employer really the decisive contributor to the money they made? How much were the resources and vast assets of a brokerage company the basis for its ability to earn large bonuses? What really matters in a time of financial implosions is to distinguish between the value of the institution and […]

Finding or Keeping a Job in the Financial Sector: Economic Crisis Means Rethink Your Strategy

Every industry has been hit with the economic crisis, and at this time of year many dread the feared pink slip or lay off. Stay ahead of the game in the Financial industry by rethinking your strategy. Adjust Your Expectations The gravy train was nice while it lasted, but it’s over. Forget the $500k salary […]

Business Culture of Singapore: A Primer on Singaporean Business Etiquette

Due to Singapore’s rich cultural history, several distinct ethnic groups including Chinese, Malay, and Indian, combine to shape business culture in Singapore. Business travelers must be familiar with the business etiquette of the specific ethnic heritage of their Singaporean counterparts to make the best impressions, but there are a few cultural characteristics that are shared […]

How to Run a Successful Hair Salon: Ways to Ensure Your Hairdressing Business Makes Money

Gill Foster, owner of New Image Salon in Cape Town, has run her successful salon for eighteen years. These are her top tips for making sure that your hairdressing business does well year after year. An Attractive, Professional Salon is Essential Cleanliness is vital for a beauty salon, not just for health and hygiene reasons, […]

Three Must-Do Tips to Start a Small Business

STOP making mistakes when starting a small business. Pick the best niche, do the research and find success before you start a small business. A small business is the backbone to the American way. Why not start one right now, make lots of money, and spend only a few hours a week working? STOP! If […]