Hardship Grants Provide You with Fast Cash: Free Government Funding for Those in Need


From time to time, individuals experience things in their lives that leave them wondering where to turn for help. Hardship grants provide financial assistance for individuals who really need it – whether because of a natural disaster, illness or medical condition, loss of work or something else. By understanding how hardship grants work and how to obtain them, hardship grants can help one get through difficult financial times.

Check out Victims of Natural Disasters Hardship Grants

There are hardship grants available to victims of natural disasters, typically through FEMA. FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Association helps victims recover from natural disasters by partially replacing the things they’ve lost and providing financial assistance for housing, food and clothing. Contact FEMA via their website at FEMA or find a local chapter.

Seek Veteran Medical Hardship Grants

Some veteran’s affairs offices offer hardship grants to their veterans when difficult times come calling. This includes medical hardship grants, such as medical bills the veteran isn’t able to pay or surgery or other procedure that might need to be done for the benefit of health. Learn more at ND GOV or individuals can visit their own veteran’s affairs office to determine whether a grant like this one is available to them.

Look into Student Hardship Grants

Students who are attending college should speak to their counselors, as many colleges have their own hardship grants for their students. The purpose of these grants is to provide help to students who are experiencing difficult times or those who are from low-income families. Funds like this are also available in general for students who are having medical hardships or other hardships that may interrupt their education.

Seek Additional Grant Information

Typically, in order to receive a hardship fund, individuals will need to provide proof of the hardship, income, number of individuals living in the household, information about previous grants received, social security numbers and more. It’s important to have these things gathered before proceeding with hardship grant applications. Applicants may need copies of medical bills or other bills to provide with the grant application.

Check out Grants.gov

This website is very helpful and lists all government grants available for any kind of situation or need. To find hardship grants via this website, use the keyword search tool and click ‘submit.’ A list of grants relevant to the search will appear and individuals can check the details of each grant to see if it is a relevant grant that they would be eligible for. Applications are also available via this site. It’s a great resource for anyone who is searching for grants – hardship or not.

Contact Individual Companies

Individuals may also be able to receive hardship grants by contacting certain companies they are having trouble with. For instance, hospitals often have their own form of hardship grants that can be used to help individuals who cannot pay for their medical bills. Lots of companies do volunteer work and therefore have funds that can be used for hardships. Electric companies, water and sewer companies, hospitals, clinics, colleges and even typical businesses often have some form of hardship funds that can help in difficult situations.

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