Jamati.com: Unveils Top 10 Sexiest African Women

Jamati.com: Unveils Top 10 Sexiest African Women

For years, the definition of beauty has been very narrow. Women who did not reflect European features were looked upon as unattractive or in many cases not even considered “Top 10” anything. As the world has become smaller with technology and globalization, beauty standards, cultural norms and an array of items have caused people to re-examine how they see themselves in relation to the world around them.

I recently became involved with an online publication, Jamati.com which describes itself as “Africa’s Premiere Entertainment Portal.” This one of a kind venture was founded by Elias Mageto who is the majority shareholder of its parent company Diaspora Interactive Media Corporation (DIM Corp). The company hopes to change the image of Africa through positive stories, while utilizing technology to build bridges between the continent and the rest of the world. With it’s goal to spread the African message, DIM Corp is strategically located in Washington, DC, the epicenter of world power with its various embassies, consulates and political insiders.

As Mr. Mageto forges forward with his team of writers, technical folks, graphics designers and management team he believes that Jamati.com and other upcoming DIM Corp brands are ideas that are long overdue. Most of the members of the Jamati team express their frustration with the almost obsessive view of Africa as a land of “hungry babies, swollen bellies, flies and dependent parents.” “Africa is so much more than that” they explain. The continent is very diverse and boast so many different languages, cultures, traditions, art and of course entertainment,” and they want to be the ones to bring this to the world. As a matter of fact, they are the only such online publication publishing in both English and French.

In an effort to reach the Pan African Diaspora, DIM Corp recently bought ownership into Muziki Urban African MusicMagazine, currently based in United Kingdom and Germany. “The move to acquire equity in Muziki Magazine is one step closer to securing DIM Corp as one of the premiere African entertainment brands in the world while bringing the best and most accurate news for and about the African world influence to our readership,” said Mr. Mageto.

As Jamati continues to bring relevant and positive images about the continent to the world, they are not afraid to explore a little controversy. They were the first to interview, CHOSAN a hip-hop artist from Sierra Leone who worked with Kanye West on his Diamonds Project. CHOSAN discusses his belief that he was not properly treated by the Kanye Camp. Jamati also brings some great videos through the development of Jamati TV, which recently showcased Presidential candidate Barack Obama dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. That Obama posting was picked up by political analyst, blogger, adviser Patrick Ruffini who boasts 1 million + visits.

Believe it or not, Africa’s Nollywood like India’s Bollywood for example is a big part of emerging new markets. Africans are influencing the world on all levels from business, entertainment, education, technology and Jamati is primed to be a leader in this new model…they’re just doing it with a little”African Flavor.”

So, when Jamati released it’sTop 10Sexiest African Men Edition and the blogosphere went wild, it was only apropos that they follow up with the current Top 10 Sexiest Women Edition.”It is really fun to be a part of this exciting venture. We are really thrilled to be documenting history and re-defining how the world sees Africa” commented Mwabi Kaira-Murdock ¬†amp; Shirlene Alusa-Brown Chief Editors at Jamati.

Let’s just say that after spending some time with the folks at Jamati, I’ve decided to hang around a little longer. And all I can say is that the world is rapidly changing and stories are being told from so many different perspectives, and the only way to experience the world’s richness is to explore it; and at Jamati, their growing Entourage is proving it!


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