The Stock Market and Alternative Energy

The Stock Market

This is a critical time for financing alternative energy. We can keep gasoline prices affordable by investing in solar energy. An electric car, good enough for local commuters, can be plugged into house current or a solar panel. Solar panels can be protected by motion detector technologies. Most telecommuters need no more than an electric vehicle for commuting. We need to keep the Dow Jones industrial at a reasonable level in order for investors to be able to afford to purchase the solar panels, windmills, and other niceties to help make the home office truly independent.

Maybe I fell asleep at my Brother laptop computer sometime in 1998, during Clintonomics and the economic “high”. The stock market in 2008 is an iffy roller coaster ride here in the United States. We who and woke up asleep or something, need to wake up and look at where technology is going to go. We need to make our destiny before destiny makes us. The world of technology has reached a denouement right now, and someone out there has to do something to help us change it, technology is financed by the stock market, in many ways, so we need to invest in alternative energies, and invest now. A few brave individuals are now breaking even or gaining credits with their electric company by way of utilizing solar technologies. We have a lot of desert, and a lot of people who have been looking to implement silicon-based solar cells since the 1960’s or 1970’s, who could stand to benefit from the export of solar cells to other nations.

We are reaching the end of the Bush administration, during which most of us have not been planting trees as Americorps or local volunteers. This is a fun and slightly lucrative way of financing your education, should you suddenly decide to go back to school, while doing something for your community and your environment. You can even volunteer to teach inner city children about the stock market, there are teaching positions available nationwide. Right now, I do not see that much of a difference between Obama or McCain becoming the next President of the United States. Neither candidate is going to do anything about alternative energy unless a market demand from franchised Americans is noted by media pundits, and industry lobbyists; who are financed in part by the stock market, as well as by the consumer spending index.

Looking at the conventional bank failures, the banks who did not choose to invest in solar-powered paint, or solar cells, or windmills, or hydroelectric dams, or geothermal energy projects, or hydrogen fuel cells, is one thing. Looking towards getting the United States market ready for the upgrading of technologies and increased demands of oil by nations such as China and India, who are becoming consumers of energy, is what we need to do. We could feasibly begin exporting oil, rather than importing oil, if we begin concentrating on improving our energy outlook, and support alternative energy, on the stock market, as well as by our consumer purchases.

Finding the publicly held companies that manufacture solar cells and windmills has not been easy, in fact, I’m still looking. However, I have found a few companies that are ethical choices for investors. Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica (GCTAF) manufactures windmills, and Denso (DNZOF) manufactures hybrid car parts, Stantec (STN) cleans up industrial land. Zep, Incorporated (ZEP), manufactures environmentally friendly residential and industrial cleaning products, and Photovoltaic Solar Cells Incorporated (PVSO) manufactures solar cells. Geothermal energy companies such as US Geothermal (HTM) and Nevada Geothermal Power Incorporated (NGLPF) are also sensible and responsible stock market purchases.

The Schoenwalds, of New Alternatives, in Melville, New York, specialize in investment funds that have individuals investing in the environment as well as the stock market. An advertisment for this firm provided information critical to the development of this article. We need to lead the world into responsible technologies, such as wind power, solar power, and by way of financing these companies during this shake-up, we are making a statement that we are going to support technological evolution, and continue to keep the United States of America as a leader in the world economy.

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